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Dedicated string quartet programs for young musicians are hard to find. Often, quartet opportunities are offered only as an optional add-on to youth orchestra programs or are limited to summer programs which work intensely for just a matter of weeks before moving on. 

9th Street Chamber Music believes in the value and joy of offering an exceptional string quartet program throughout the school year. In doing so, we afford our members the opportunity to develop a true ensemble sound and identity over the course of an entire year and beyond. 9th Street Quartet has had the extraordinary pleasure of mentoring numerous student quartets for multiple years, watching them grow into refined and capable ensembles.

String Quartet
youth program
Grades 8-12

For dedicated intermediate to advanced students who are looking for a unique musical experience.

Most successful audition candidates have been taking private lessons for a number of years. Private teacher recommendation is strongly encouraged.

Adult Amateur Program
Ages 21-up

For amateur adults who can play at a minimum of an easy Mozart Quartet level and up?

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