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9th Street Chamber Music, LLC

Liz O'Hara Stahr and Matt Richardson have been working together as freelance musicians and educators for the last 10 years.  From playing orchestra and chamber concerts all over DC, Maryland, and Virginia, to teaching clinics at area high schools and summer music programs, Matt and Liz have done it all.  However, it wasn't until 2016 when Liz first approached Matt about forming the 9th Street Quartet to be the Quartet-in-Residence for the Arlington Philharmonic's Youth Chamber Program, Crescendo, that their collaborations really went to the next level.  Through their work with 9SQ and Crescendo, Matt and Liz have developed a unique working dynamic that brings tremendous energy to 9th Street Chamber Music!


9th Street Chamber Music is dedicated to creating new performance and education traditions that engage the audiences and culture of our current time. 

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