string quartet Intensive
Audition Information
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2021-2022 Audition Dates:
Auditions are Closed for the current seasion

If you may be interested in joining us in the future, please be in touch and consider coming to one of our performances. We'd love to get to know you and answer any questions you might have!

Audition requirements
  • Prepared solo

  • Prepared excerpt from the standard chamber music literature

  • Interaction with audition panel

  • Sight-reading is possible

how your audition experience is different

Following performance of your prepared solo, you’ll be asked to sit in and perform your prepared string quartet excerpt alongside the judges. Judges will interact with you in a ‘mini-coaching’ of sorts, asking questions about the music or requesting to go back and rehearse a section or two of the music. We love being able to interact with you during this portion of the audition, and your perspectives are encouraged!

The day of the Audition


St. George’s Episcopal Church, 915 N Oakland St, Arlington, VA 22203

When to Arrive

You may arrive up to thirty minutes prior to your assigned audition time, which will be confirmed one week prior to the audition date.

What to Expect

A friendly environment! We truly want you to perform your best, and particularly while performing the chamber music excerpt, we are looking for your unique understanding of the music and the potential you have in collaborating with others in a string quartet. Don’t be surprised if we ask you questions about you and your experience with your instrument. We want you to enjoy yourself!