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SQI Competition Track


For highly motivated musicians, and limited to those who have participated in the String Quartet Intensive for at least one year, 9SCM's Competition Track is an opportunity to take string quartet playing to the next level.

9SCM's core faculty has specially designed this unique opportunity for chamber musicians who want to stretch themselves technically, musically, personally & interpersonally in pursuit of exploring the uppermost echelons of what they are capable of achieving.


Program Features


Auditions for the Competition Track will take place in September, prior to the kick-off of the String Quartet Intensive season. Musicians will be asked to prepare excerpts from the standard quartet literature as well as perform a solo work of the musician's choice. Sight reading may be included.

Round One/Round Two

Round Two - mixing and matching candidates to play with one another for best balance and blend?

Commitment & ExpecTations

This opportunity is best suited for musicians who want to immerse themselves as deeply as possible in their instrument and chamber music. Participation in this program demands that this be the highest extra curricular priority. 

  • Additional time on Monday evenings, prior to standard rehearsals. 6 PM-9 PM

  • One to two self-led rehearsals outside of Monday evenings per week.

  • Participants work on whole quartets/ multiple pieces/movements at a time.

  • Participant have up to three additional coachings per season in preparation for competitions and events.

Program Fee

Participation in the Competition Track is an additional $500 beyond the standard String Quartet Intensive program fee, brining the total to $1475 per musician for the season.?????

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